Eating With Only One Hand

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If modern people, especially young people, are eating more often with one hand because they are using the other hand for additional activities on the table, there are too many people which don’t have the opportunity to use both their hands. Those are people with inborn or acquired severe neural or anatomical impairments characterized in partial or full absence or dysfunction of one of their upper limbs. Such people suffer from disability to perform tasks involving both their hands which is a major handicap in the sense of independent living.

Eating in the Western hemisphere counts mainly on the usage of the classical fork and knife. These two utensils engage both hands and for this reason they are of little use for people with invalidity or temporary disability of the upper limbs. That is why it is a great handicap for people with impairments of the hands to eat on their own, they actually need another person without disability of the hands to cut their food into bites, and this is the reality for them.

For disabled people with special needs it would be wonderful if technologies such as limb grasping and cells regeneration existed, but unfortunately for now those are still sci-fi medical procedures carried out only in the medical facility of the famous Star Trek series.

I don't know exactly how humanity will look at my invention but I truly believe that Rezbod will make a big difference for people with hand disabilities. Feeding is a basic process which everyone should be able to do on their own. In this context Rezbod can improve significantly the quality of life for people with hand disabilities, can provide sufficient independence and self-confidence.

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