Our Story

Seven years ago Rezbod was just an idea I shared with my best man, whose business experience complimented my academic knowledge. The journey from drafting a sketch to having a working prototype was dynamic and challenging. Initially we equipped a small workshop using our personal resources. Then I became a self-educated master in computer-aided design systems and metalworking. When we had our first working prototype we filed application and start international patent procedures. Experimenting with various designs and different materials we made a whole sequence of prototypes advancing gradually to a model adequate for mass production. Currently we are trying to say to the world that a new perspective in the context of evolution of the human eating utensils exists – an evolution that has been in oblivion for a long time.

Our Mission

The main achievement in the design of Rezbod is that in its handle is inbuilt a simple and reliable semi-automatic spring mechanism with the same principle as a weaponry trigger mechanism. The difference is that in Rezbod you activate the mechanism with the extension motion of the index finger as opposite to the firearms' activation with the flexion motion of the index finger. Rezbod could have been easily invented and engineered at the beginning of the 20th century during the boom of mass development of weaponry mechanisms done by the first kinematic engineers, the Swiss watchmakers. But at that point of human evolution no one was thinking about humanity in the context of meeting the dayly needs of the individual.

So I prefer to think that our mission is to compensate in a way the wrong turn humanity made at the beginning of the 20th century regarding the tools that were mass engineered and their purpose, bringing back the focus on our selves as one civilization with a common path of development and respecting the needs of the individual along the way.